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Sunday, December 31, 2006

how it adds up.

last january, i began tracking the number of miles i ran. i wanted to know, at the end of the year, how far i had come. on the days i didn't run, i typically cross trained. those miles aren't recorded here.

here's how it breaks down:

January = 74.05 miles

February = 49.15 miles ( i spend several days in the hospital that month and a week skiing, which is why the total is low)

March = 80.5 miles

April = 74.0 miles

May (the month i got the stress fractures because i overdid it) = 96.75 miles

June = zero miles (stress fracture hell)

July = zero miles (wearing the robo-boot, in recovery mode)

August = probably around 15 miles, but not enough to track.

September = 87.15 miles

October = 64.2 miles

November (when morton's neuroma struck) = 22.7 miles

December = 81.85 miles

total tracked miles for 2006 = 631.25

had i not overdone it and been injured for so long, i may have logged near 1,000 miles.

goal for 2007 = stay injury free, run longer distances, fewer days in a row. listen to my body. if it hurts - stop. complete another half marathon. run a full marathon. run a 5K as fast as i can. get a six-pack (abs, of course)

here's to another year of running!



  • At 2:15 PM, Blogger Ally said…

    Congrats on a well-run '06. I've been a lazy girl over the holiday break, but my goals for '07 are like yours: Stay injury-free and steadily increase mileage, running every other day or so.

    And LISTEN to my body! Tough to do when your mind wants to keep going :)


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