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Monday, January 09, 2006

brownies and ice cream are healthy, right?

Wrong. We turned over a new leaf this weekend and are going to be eating a mostly healthy, vegetable and fruit-intense diet. At least for one month, which is the amount of time Nick agreed to. If he "sees results," he'll stick with it. If not, he said it's over. I typically am the healthier eater out of the two of us. He'll get fast food when it's convenient, I won't touch it. He'll eat dessert, I try to avoid it. He'll want to order an appetizer and an extra basket of chips and salsa or bread and olive oil, and I typically prefer to have no carb-loaded temptations on the table. Because if they are there, I will eat them in abundance. I am a sucker for freshly baked, crusty bread and olive oil dipping sauce.

I will be a sucker no longer! Saturday on my weekly grocery trip, I spent more time reading ingredients. I bought mostly organic. I tripled the fruit I normally buy, I doubled the vegetables. I didn't buy anything made with bleached flour or refined sugar. I bought soy crisps rather than rice cakes, whole-wheat tortillas rather than their white flour counterparts and natural peanut butter instead of the sugar-loaded Peter Pan crunchy variety that I so enjoy by the spoonful.

Yesterday, we did well at lunch. Nick had a natural peanut butter sandwich, and I had a whole-wheat tortilla with field greens, parmesan and turkey. We had a tangerine for a snack and drank lots of water. For dinner, I had some edamame, some fruit and some peanut butter. Nick had chicken fingers. They were cripsy and deep fried and they smelled like heaven, so I had one, too. And then for dessert (yes, dessert) we had brownies with ice cream on them. Healthy? Not so much. But we had friends over and dessert was the event and so, we had to provide them with some sugary, fatty goodness. And of course, we had to partake. I may have partook twice.

Here's to a day void of friend temptations. Yeah right.


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