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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

it's a cold day in hell

It’s maybe 50 degrees in the office today. I’m wearing corduroys and a sweater and I have a blanket draped around my shoulders and my nose is cold and my hands are having a hard time typing and my feet — let’s just say wool socks are in order.

It’s been really cold in here since Friday. Yesterday was miserable and today is maybe two degrees warmer. This morning, from about 8:00 to 8:15, I heard the following.

From the lady that sits in the far corner of the office: “I have on two pairs of socks and I have a blanket and I am freezing. I sit in the stairwell for crying outloud.”

From the lady in the center of the office: “Nora was even cold, when Nora is cold, you know it’s cold. I sit in the center of the office and I’m cold. Yesterday, I couldn’t even work, I just sat here, huddled in a ball.”

From my boss, who is a male, while he was rubbing his hands together, blowing into them to create warmth: “When it’s so cold that we can’t feel our hands, do they let us go home?”

From my colleague, who is also a male: ‘It is freezing. I never get cold. I’m going to put on my winter coat.”

And from the very pleasant, almost-retired man who has been here since the company’s beginning, “Still have your coat on huh? I’m on my way to talk to the HR director.”

This is insane.

And the topper? The snow flurries that I can see when I stretch my neck to see beyond my cube and into the office that has a window across the hall. It's sunny, but it's snowing. Oh, and it's 12 degrees. Tomorrow, I'm going to wear my ski socks and my base layer. If it can keep me warm in these elements, it should be perfect for the actual ski trip in February.


  • At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow - who is the idiot that manages your office. Can she/he not figure out that saving a few thousand on utility bills is more than lost when you lose tens of thousands in productivity. Build a small bonfire in the conference room and see how fast they respond!!!


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