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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My paper heart.

So, it’s amazing how much faster the day goes when I’m plugged into my Nano. Is it really 2:30 already? Since I unwrapped all of its glory, I’ve been taking it everywhere, although I refuse to wear it everywhere. I don’t want to appear antisocial at the office by walking around from the copier to the break room to the cube all plugged in and what not. But, I just don’t want it to get stolen, so when leave my car, I carry it into my cube. When I leave my cube, I put it in a drawer, and when I go back to my car, I take it with me. Same goes for the gym — although I actually wear it there. Anyway, I was carrying it around the gym last night before I left and a friend pointed out that it’s kind of like one of those egg experiments from grade school — when each fourth grader adopts an egg “baby” and has to take it around with them without breaking it or forgetting it for a week. I think my friend is right. My nano is now my baby. Maybe I’ll call it Nancy or Nan or Nantucket. Maybe I won’t because I refuse to believe that I am really that big of a dork. Anyway, the best part of the nano is that I can listen to 2 Skinnee J’s right before Destiny’s Child and no one ever knows. I normally wouldn’t listen to Destiny’s Child in front of anyone, but now, I can listen to whatever I want, and I still look cool and the nano gives off the façade that I may actually have good musical taste. Or, at least, it creates an air of mystery and intrigue. I bet people all around me are thinking, “I wonder what Jessi is listening to? I bet she has very sophisticated musical taste. Man, maybe I’ll walk up beside her so that I can sneak a peak at the screen to see what she’s listening to right now.” If, say, my co-worker was wondering that at this very moment, he would discover that I am jamming out to ‘girl inside my head’ by Blues Traveler. “Should she see the willing dog or should I be a jungle cat and most of all, my God, how does she make her eyes do that? And, I don’t need another girl inside my head.” Is it fitting that “several ways to die trying” by Dashboard Confessional came on next? Maybe. “We are, we are intriguing. We are, we are invisible. Oh how we’ve shouted, how we’ve screamed, take notice, take interest, take me with you. But, all our fears fall on deaf ears — tonight.”


  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger jessgottlieb said…

    Welcome to the world of portable music. I too carry my iPod everywhere I go. Before I got it, I thought "I won't use it that much, mostly on the train and at the gym." Turns out that's where I spend a good portion of my day (10 hours on the train and 4 hours at the gym each week). And nothing makes you feel better than strutting down the street John Travolta-style to your own soundtrack.


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