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Monday, December 28, 2009

the year in review.

2009 has been a bittersweet year for me. let's recap.

1. i went to hawaii.
2. while i was in hawaii i got bronchitis.
3. i lost my job.
4. b & i bought a house.
5. i got a contract job at Sprint and met some great people.
6. it was a two-month contract.
7. i got depressed almost every other day because it's hard to not have a job.
8. i had more time to live.
9. so i made new friends.
10. and spent a lot of time with my niece.
11. i was also able to keep our house very clean.
12. i could not, however, afford much of anything.
13. and then my cobra subsidy ran out.
14. and i could afford even less.
15. but i did have lots of time to run.
16. so i trained for another half marathon.
17. and finished it with a new PR (personal record.)
18. then i got a temporary gig at the super-secret agency.
19. and i met some really great people.
20. and got to work on some really great projects.
21. in the meantime, i turned 30.
22. and realized that i am nowhere near where i thought i'd be after three decades of life.
23. but hey, i got engaged to my best friend.
24. and the ring he proposed to me with is beautiful.
25. we hosted our first thanksgiving.
26. it went great.
27. i drank too much wine at this event, however, due to nerves.
28. so i learned to alternate. a glass of wine. a glass of water. and so forth.
29. i am now planning a wedding while continuing to look for a full-time gig.
30. but i think i'm happier now than i was last year.
31. which is maybe the best thing about this messy year.


  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger JOCOeveryman said…

    I love this post. Happy New Year!

  • At 2:55 PM, Anonymous PlazaJen said…

    I am glad that we finally met, despite the circumstances. I look forward to 2010 being filled with more ups than downs, and the wisdom that comes with all this living is still invaluable, no matter how hard it was to experience it.


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