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Saturday, December 26, 2009

snowed in.

so this hardly ever happens. and by hardly ever, i mean i don't recall a time that it snowed this much here. it started thursday night and it hasn't stopped. i just had to shovel the grass so that kolby would poop. he'd been holding it for 26 hours.

needless to say certain holiday plans were canceled. we were supposed to drive to lawrence yesterday to spend christmas with brad's sister and niece and nephew. so we hadn't planned on having any sort of christmas dinner here at our house. this means, we ate leftovers from christmas eve for dinner. mine was a salad with green beans and some smoked salmon on top. not bad. but also not very festive.

oh, and there are birds in our chimney. they moved right on in yesterday after the first 5 or so inches had fallen. and they haven't left. so, we sporadically scream into the fireplace to try to scare them out. so far, no luck.

today i plan to shovel, shovel, shovel for exercise. since everything is either:
1. canceled
2. buried in a foot of snow (read: running trails and sidewalks.)

the best thing about being snowed in? being here with B.

the worst thing? we are running out of creamer.


  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger Faith said…

    One of my fave moments of the "storm" was when I let Jake out at about 2:30 a.m. on Christmas morning so he could go to the bathroom...the snow was helping the yard stay bright enough for me to see him out on in a corner of the lawn where he'd found a spot that he didn't sink through the snow, and he was able to poop! Poor little guy! Hahaha! We cleared a spot at the bottom of the deck stairs the following morning, so they'd have an easier time of it. And then I had to shovel it again on Saturday, thanks to the continuation of the snow.

    What a crazy weekend, eh?


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