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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

feeling the burn for 10 years.

Jan 1, 2000 i decided to start working out. other than organized sports in grade school and a few attempts at jogging in high school, i'd never been consistent with exercise. 10 years ago, i was a sophomore in college. and i'd not only gained the freshman 15. i'd gained the freshman 20. 10 years ago i saw where that lifestyle was leading me. 20 pounds in a year and a half. it wasn't stopping on it's own. so, i stopped it.

by the begining of my junior year at MU, i'd lost most of the weight. and i'd toned up. i remember friends coming back from the summer, taking a look at me and asking, "what in the hell happened to you?"

it felt good.

and so did working out.

which is why, 10 years later, i'm still doing it.

here's to 10 more.


  • At 4:26 PM, Blogger Free Life Believer said…

    Not only does it help with the physical looks but overall health, physical and mental. Working out is very important. Good job sticking to it. I'm trying to get focused this next year and stick to a plan finally.


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