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Thursday, December 18, 2008

in which i use this as a forum for ranting.

i am so over the snow. i tried to tell myself i'd be fine wearing my new suede boots in this weather. but i didn't know i would run out of wiper fluid while driving on the highway. i didn't know i'd try two places before i could find any. i didn't know i'd be trecking through motor oil-filled parking lots. standing in slushy nastiness. and getting car grease all over my fingers.

and i am so over the mixx. every time i go, i end up spending over $11 for a salad. yesterday was no exception. i always get mine to-go with the dressing on the side. yesterday, i got a side of ranch and one of blue cheese. i ate the ranch yesterday and only opened the blue cheese dressing for a taste. it seemed really thick and had some lettuce or something in it, but i thought maybe they were trying a new recipe.

last night, on my way home from work, my stomach didn't feel right. and, tmi maybe, but i ended up in the bathroom for awhile. i figured it was the combo of pork rinds and bacon from the night before.

today, after trecking around the city in search of washer fluid, visiting the most gangster commerce bank every (it has bullet proof glass and a parking lot security guard,) i was hungry. so i opened up my leftover salad to consume. i thought it was strange that the bottom of the plastic "side" cup of blue cheese dressing had completely cracked and leaked everywhere. but figured maybe i dropped the salad and forgot? that's when i took a taste of the dressing by itself. it was pure putrid. like i'm sorta convinced it was a cup of garbage from last month. even worse, it had leaked all over my salad. so i only got a few bites before i wanted to hurl. and the cracked cup? i'm blaming that on the acidity of the "dressing" they gave me. it burned my mouth, people!

okay, i'm done now.


  • At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You and Erin and salads. Methinks you two should concoct your own salads at Chez Pensive and Chez Erin... reduce your cost to about 1.23 per salad and be absolutely confident in the age of the ingredients. Just my 1.5 cents worth. (That's the actual worth too... in American, 2.5 cents EU).

  • At 2:41 PM, Blogger Faith said…

    Wow! Man, that is awful! You should call and let them know. Don't let it go...the management should be made aware of the problem you had.

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