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Friday, September 26, 2008

dear diary.

today i had to run some birthday shopping errands over lunch. it was HOT outside. omg. why is it so HOT right the end of september. can you, diary, please ask God to turn down the temperature. that would be much appreciated as i have lots of new winter clothes to wear. thanks.

so, diary, birthday errand shopping wasn't as successful as i was hoping it would be. first, there was NO PLACE to park in the busy, midtown shopping area i ventured to on a FRIDAY on the LUNCH HOUR. this is crazy to me. i mean, it's not like it was BUSY down there.

anyway, after i parked and walked four blocks in the sweltering HEAT in my attire appropriate for my FREEZING office, i did find a cool T-shirt for myself. and a boy's belt in a size small enough to fit around my jeans. yay!!!!

anyway, diary, i was supposed to go see Beck and MGMT play monday night. but i had to sell my tickets. so now, i get to pick whatever i want to do a later date. and i can use that money to take me and my secret crush to something way fun. what should we do?!?!?!

- pensive

p.s., there's this boy who's pretty great and i like him a LOT a LOT. but don't tell anyone, diary.


  • At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Go see Fleet Foxes on Oct. 13th in Lawrence...


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